Eyelash Extensions guide – How to avoid eyelash extensions nightmares!

Very often I come through some really difficult and bad eyelash extension situations. Women are trying more and more to find a good eyelash technician or a cheaper service. The fact is that finally neither price can be the only principle when it is time to decide where to have your lashes done.

Unfortunately even more clients who visit me asking me to remove already bad works and help them to have a new pair of lashes properly done. Sometimes this is possible and some others the lashes are so much socked and damaged that they need to let them grow again and come back again later in order to have new extensions on their eyes.

Always check out the salon you want to book at, since your lash lady will become one of the most important beauty relationships you have! Many lash disasters can occur because of untrained therapists, who do not focus on proper techniques or using the right products. You wouldn’t want just anyone cutting your hair or waxing your brows, would you? Lashes are exactly the same!

From my research I discovered that even more unqualified lash technicians are appearing in the area, and as there is no law who requires, except of having a simple training qualification, also an esthetician, or beautician diploma in order to offer this service, even more unqualified artist will offer cheap quality services.

The problem is that when you have to deal with a service which has to do with a very sensitive area like eyes, who will guarantee that you will not have any side effects? And if this happens are you insured?
Well one easy way to ensure that the artist that you choose will be able to offer you any kind of insurance. Well all the businesses or self-employed, who are legally operated in Luxembourg, are obliged to having a professional indemnity insurance . This is an insurance that insure both parts in case of a complication.

Another great marker for a reputable salon will be the price. Lash extensions, when done right, will never be less than 90-100 euros and may cost quite a bit more–but you always get what you pay for. If you do walk past a salon offering a menu full of cut-price extensions, beware! This may mean that a different glue or cheaper plastic lashes are being used, which clump and damage your natural lashes. Of course, salons may offer last-minute specials or seasonal prices, but keep an eye out for unrealistic promises (e.g. volume sets for 40 euros or lash extensions lasting for 8 weeks, both one way tickets to lash disaster!).

What is basically missing from Luxembourg is properly informations for those kind of services. From my side I will try to explain and give some important informations that will help you understand when the eyelash extensions you have on your eyes are not properly done.

1. Any kind of irritation, itchiness, difficulty on your vision is a big sign that not only you should remove them immediately but also that you may need visit a doctor if it is getting worse. And when I mean remove them I do not mean with your hands but from an experience technician- call me :-). If you do not trust any more the old one. 30739040_2068681073172574_3904298419375570944_n30713084_2068681113172570_6686865983648301056_n

2. Some clients ask me. “Should it hurt” Should I feel pain? ”
No you must not feel any pain, If you feel pain something is wrong, either there are to many lushes glued together, or glued to close on your upper eyelid, or there is to much glue on them. All these are a BIG NO!!! Go away….and never come back!!!

You must not feel the eyelash extensions, not at all!!! They must be like light soft butterflies on your eyes. If you feel them like dark curtains that hide you from the day’s light….something is not good and you should consider of removing them the sooner possible.

3. An eyelash extension must not been extended by any more than one third of your natural lash. So if your natural lashes are around 9mm long the extension must not be longer than 12mm. Why? Because the longer the extension it is the most possible your natural lash will fall down earlier than normally.

4. Here in Luxembourg technicians are using very often the names “9D volume”, extra volume, etc, but finally when clients send me photos to understand what they mean I see, cases that not even someone can call them volume.
Volume lashes can been done by using very thin extensions, starting from 0,10mm until 0,03mm.
A client who has very strong healthy lashes can apply up to 0,15mm- max 0,20 thickness
Average natural lashes can apply up to 0,12 and for very fine/weak lashes it can be applied up to 0,10.
What I see? I see some kind of “volume monster” lashes that have on each natural lash (sometimes on more than one) pieces of 4-9 classic extensions of 0,15-0,20 mm That means that they put on their clients lashes pieces which have weight almost 1gr. WTF!!!!!! Sorry but in the industry of eyelash extensions this does not exist anywhere!!! Remove them, go away and never go back…if you still want to save some remain healthy natural lashes. Real 9D lashes is an extremelly difficult technique that only very experienced technicians can offer. They clients must have very good healthy lashes and the whole process can last 3-4 hours. So when they tell you that they do 9D volume lashes in 1h……this is something not even the Best of the Best artist in the world can manage! In the pictures above my client came with the lashes shown in first picture, that were only one week. Those were named as volume lashes. They were glued onto 5-6 natural lashes and each eyelash extension was 0,20mm thickness. I removed and her lashes were really socked and weak.Some of them were broken too. You can see the after in the second picture. We did a 3D volume with 0,07mm.

5. There are women who love glamour styles, they are asking for extremely long extensions. Well unfortunatelY I will not satisfy their demands. If I believe that this is something that cannot be done or it is better to avoid for several reasons, I prefer not offer it. I prefer having the fame of the “Honest good professional lash artist” rather than become the artist who destroy all your lashes.


I will be here always to inform and defend for women’s right to know.

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