About Me

There are some people who have the gift of communication, flowing diffused. You feel that when they talk to you, even for those 5 ‘, there is nothing more important in the world than your conversation. They smile at you and they mean it. Such a woman is Elita. Elita is a beautician, who is running her own beauty business in Luxembourg the last two years,  she is a person full of passion and real love for what she is doing.

 How did you decide to deal with the beauty industry?

Well I wasn’t those kind of girls who were wearing makeup from a very early age. Because of the environment I was grew up, you could say I was a little bit “tomboy”, although my biggest passion was makeup transformations, during parties, or carnival fetes or for artistic reasons when I wanted to organize some theatre performances, for my family. I was really good on that, every body said I was talented. Also my aunts were all working in beauty industry, as hairdressers and nail-artists too. Since I was 4 years old I was almost everyday inside a hair-salon, watching them and asking questions, playing with all the beauty tools and helping them sometimes.  It was a “magic” world for me.  But the real deal came much later in my life, after I finish my university studies in Sports Science, when I decided to follow a makeup training from the best makeup artist in Greece but also internationaly recognized, Freddy Kalobratsos. I became addicted to this world, I couldn’t imagine my-self doing anything else. Since then I am dedicated in doing trainings concerning different parts of my work and studying esthetics.  The last two year my real passion is eyebrow design , microblading, and permanent makeup.

You are a young and beautiful woman. How easy is it to work mostly with women?

Very Easy! I love women and my attitude towards them is not at all competitive. I truly care about them, I focus on their needs, I really want to emphasize and promote, the particular and unique individual characteristics that make them unique. When I see them feeling  satisfaction, this is my best pleasure. We women , from our nature need more often to feel that someone cares about us, even a warm smile, and a nice conversation can give us energy….for the whole week. Everyday life for women is very demanding and the roles we need to cover too many, to offer to a woman a friendly environment and happy moments is not just a duty, it is a life’s priority. Do you men…hear that?

What about men? Are they coming to take care of themselves?

Of course, the percentage is much lower than that of women, but with the passage of time this percentage is rising! They now perceive that the skin is the body’s most basic organ, possessing the greatest extent it breathes, and ought to take care of it accordingly. Also the last period they come also for other treatments , especially Scalp micropigmentation, and microblading of eyebrows. To put new hair is a very costly procedure, and even more men are looking for an alternative way to make their scalps look like a modern shaved head. But we will speak about it in a new post soon.  Honestly men are the best costumers, if they are satisfied , they will become loyal clients.

What was the philosophy behind your beauty salon, what makes unique your Beauty boutique?

 Kindness, smile, I try being always updated and at the forefront and of course … lots of humor! A warmth of aesthetic cosy comfort, high-quality services, “scented” products that you will not find elsewhere,  no chemicals, no toxins, we are cruelty-free with love to the natural non invasive, treatments and products. Love, peace, serenity and respect to every-ones personality and individuality. Namaste!

What do you think is what made it stand out?

The above qualities, along with my constant search for better services, new trends in beauty industry, and communication skills! My work is more than a passion. I belong there! I receive real happiness when I see satisfied faces. But the most important that I create a personal relationship with my clients, I am not just an unknown employer, owner of a beauty salon, I go much deeper in my relationship with them. Besides from our culture mediterranean people we are more open-heart.

What services will you offer in your new Beauty Boutique?

 All my services will be customized.  In my new Boutique I will offer, three different rooms, the one the smallest will be “The sleepy beauty”, there my clients can have some of my eyelash treatments, like Lamination- Keratine lashes botox and eyelash extensions. There is a possibility in the future to cooperate with other professionals, and offer reflexology sessions too. Because actually in this room you will make your-self beautiful while you are sleeping, as all of them are really relaxing procedures. The second room will be “Make-up Academy”, a hollywood inspired place, where my clients can have makeup sessions, lessons, private or in groups, plus Professional training courses for makeup artist to be.And last in the biggest third room there will be my absolute go-go services. All my natural face treatments, Phibrows microblading and High performance permanent makeup with the last techniques that exist in the market.


You are an entrepreneur who constantly tries new. What to expect from you in the future?

The only sure thing is that I continuously update my products range and techniques. I often participate in training sessions around the world and I’m trying to upgrade my workforce. My plans in the future are to create the absolute eyebrows bar of Luxembourg city and create my own makeup  brand.

Wow! This sounds very interesting. How did you decided that?

 As a professional makeup artist the last 10 years, I literally had every single line of cosmetics at my finger tips. Everything from the 99 cent drugstore brands, to the most prestigious luxury brands, and still there was nothing out there that I was 100% happy with! I could spend hours playing “chemist,” mixing together several different products to create something that I could use on my clients sometimes. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way! I wanted something that my clients, my friends, my family, and I could all trust to make us look and feel as fierce as we deserve! But this really needs a lot of work and research until I process with this project. The fact that I live in a very small country does not make things better, I am not a celebrity to have a big name, but I have big passion and I am always looking for the best in order to promote my work, my passion and reach my potentials. When you start something alone…is not the easiest thing to deal with. I hope that at least the people who trust me will be happy from what I choose for them. One of the reasons I love doing makeup lessons is this.At this point I would like to mention and my last but most important plan for this coming year. As I feel I hold a little “magic” on my hands, and this is microblading and permanent makeup. I will have cooperation with some cancer support centres, to help women who survived of cancer. I will donate some free microblading and areola repigmentation to some women who survived of cancer.For women who have undergone mastectomies,or  other breast surgery, or who may have irregular or fading areolas, these permanent paramedical breast restoration procedures are nothing short of a medical miracle. It is really important for the psychology of those women to feel that nothing has change on them after cancer. I am really looking forward to process with this project soon.

What is your relationship with beauty?

Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin. That or a kick-ass red lipstick. I heard that somewhere and I liked it. Yes it is true for my bad days there is always lipstick. Beauty is more than just me dear, as a mother I allow also to my daughters even though they are very young to play with my makeup tools, and experiment”. People have the need to transform themselves, it is an adventure for them…I do not want to disincline them, I wasn’t such a “Beauty addicted “ girl but I am a “Beauty lover” mama.

What do you love most about make up? 

The never ending boundless options – making someone look so different.  Changing people’s image to suit their mood or moment.  It’s endless.

What is the feeling with which you want your customers to leave the shop?

Be happy for whatever reason, regardless of the stimulus given to them. To leave with smile and peace in their soul!