How Fashion Week Is Like for a Makeup Artist

I have never taken my mind off being a makeup artist…This is what I was born to do. When I was younger, I was obsessed with makeup! I couldn’t wait to head down to the drugstore to buy the newest eye shadow and lip stick. Only thing was, I never really realized you could actually have a career in beauty! Once I got my first taste of makeup in a fashion week, I was hooked.

One of my first times in a fashion Show, someone told me ‘As a makeup artist you’re there to provide a service. Your job is to not only make someone look beautiful, but feel beautiful. Be the quietest and positive person in the room. Someone is trusting you to create a beautiful image of themselves, always show up and do that.’ I’m so thankful for that.

Each show is very individual and stands for itself because every designer’s also completely different, has a whole different cut. Each designer has a whole individual vision and accordingly any makeup look is to be considered individually. Clear everything comes out of my hands, accordingly, it is one direction taste.

During a Fashion Week I get my inspiration from so many different things: people’s stories about life, different cultures, plants and nature.

The biggest challenge of my career has been wanting to do everything! I always say I wish I could clone myself so that I could do everything for work and be a full-time mommy at the same time, and I know that so many women feel the same way. It has been a challenge for me to step back, take a moment to breathe, and to accept the fact that I logistically just cannot do everything and be in every event at the same time!

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