Why I love working with brides


Maybe some of you are wondering why a makeup artist can be important during your wedding day. I will not try to explain it only from the side of professional  makeup artist but also from the side of a woman. And especially the reason why  I love to do bridal make-overs.

First of all I have to mention that it is not just all about a simple makeup application session, it is something more than this. Its is such a honor to be asked to be a part of someone’s very special day.

I love working with women and what is better than making them feel pampered and beautiful on their special day. It is such a beautiful feeling to be able to witness the joy a woman feels on her wedding day. 


With the exception of how demanding these hours may be during a wedding preparation. Sometimes I deal with really challenging situations. It has happened to pamper 8 persons, (hair & makeup) with no help for a bachelor party, and I was really feeling like getting on fire!!! But to be honest it was so passionate and even thought I was feeling exhausted, I was also excited and happy, to see them have fun, sing and dance while I was preparing each one of them.



When I do a bridal makeup I am really full of emotions. Except of the passion that I feel by doing what I love, as a romantic woman that I am, I feel so beautiful to see all the preparations, the friends, the bride-maids, the family who come to give a hug to the bride and give their wishes to her. Sometimes I have to take a break from what I am doing just because the bride has to be blessed from someone. Also others professionals can come to ask and take orders from the bride, she can speak on the telephone often, move a lot, leave the room. I know this can be really demanding sometimes, and that is why a good professional makeup artist must have experience on dealing with such a stressful day, keep calm and work with confidence and understanding. But you know what? This is your special day and I am present there as a witness of this blessed day! I am patient and I know that this is an important part of a wedding preparation.


My favourite part of doing someone’s hair and makeup is seeing their reactions when they look in the mirror after I’m done. Ok I will admit that sometimes especially if we haven’t done any trial before, I feel butterflies on my stomach about this first reaction. I am always prepared even to do changes, but hopefully, (God bless those two hands that seems to be talented and my good instincts to understand other women’s character and unique style) most of them they smile with satisfaction when they look at the mirror.


 And yes then I feel myself even more blessed and happy. I love being able to make someone feel gorgeous, whether it’s for their wedding day, a photo shoot or a fun event. I’ve gotten tears, shrieks of delight, hugs, bows of worship, and huge smiles to name just a few of the reactions at the end of a session. There is nothing that feels as good as making a woman feel good about herself. The best reaction I have ever had was from a mother of a bride who wasn’t speaking at all during the makeup process. She had her eyes close and she just opened when I finished (ok and a little before while I was doing her makeup but there wasn’t any mirror in front of her).


 When she looked herself on the mirror she said, Oh my God and she started to cry. She hugged and thanked me. Her daughter after told me (because the mother wasn’t speaking some of the local languages here in Luxembourg) that she wasn’t used to do makeup on herself and that she was so thrilled with the results. That was also for me maybe one of the best after makeup reactions I ever had.


One of my attitudes is that I am specialised in clients who don’t normally wear much makeup and I make sure to learn about their personal styles and comfort zones.Makeup is about looking like the most amazing version of yourself, in person and in every photo. When we go without makeup, our features tend to look harder to distinguish and we may look washed out. On the other hand if we wear our everyday makeup, we may not get the results we are hoping for ( most everyday products and application methods do not translate well on camera) The truth is that the person that you will choose to provide your bridal makeup the day of your wedding will likely be spending several hours with you and probably and your bridal party. So it is important to have a good communication and chemistry with this person, and mostly that you like her or him to being around you this special day. You might even suggest to your attendants that they have makeup done by this person, which means that the results of her work will be the focal point of about 80% of the photos taken that day. So it is important to trust and feel confident about this person.



Most times when I do bridals I am the one who go first to the bride’s place and the last who leaves. Sometimes I am the only person who is with the bride (there were brides whose families for many reasons weren’t present) I will be there to support them, advice them, make them feel comfortable and at the end help them to dressed up, put their veil or even their shoes. I never leave my bride if I will not check her makeup and hair at the end after she will wear her wedding gown.

I do not know if this is something that all professionals do, but I feel that this is the right think, I feel an important part of this day and except of being a good professional I am also a woman, who feels and have strong, feminine emotions during a wedding event. Because beside all I also come from a country where wedding is a very important part of our life where we celebrate like a big fete and prepare this special event for many months before.  


Finally at the end when I leave what is left not only for me but also for them are sweet memories who we keep them into beautiful photos. It is not you will eat, it is not what you will drink on a wedding venue, it is all those beautiful photos that you can show to your children after many years, to remind you those romantic moments of that special day of your life. And this is a good reason to think why to look on your bests that day is really important. Yes many they will speak about your dress, or even your hair, but most people will remember your beautiful smiling face.

For me photo I love seeing the end result of my work. Whether it’s a simple photo shoot or a wedding, it’s so rewarding to see my hard work captured forever in a print.

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