Theatrical Makeup

Makeup storytelling can go way beyond the palettes and contours of our favorite beauty bloggers and vloggers – sometimes it defines the characters we know and love. Stories cannot be fully told without makeup – and I’m here to explain why.

The makeup concepts for a show actually come directly from what the actors and directors have to work with – the costumes, inflections and resources of the world that’s being portrayed on stage. I went through all of the costume changes, sketches, palettes. I looked through every costume basket for every character – on stage, it’s really a collaborative process.

And while it’s collaborative, a lot of changes are constantly being made depending on what theatre and actor you are working with. You may have picked out the perfect shade of red lipstick, everybody loves it in the dressing room – and then you put that actor under the stage lights, and you can’t see it. It doesn’t read – the red all of a sudden is looking pink or orange – and well, you have to go back and start all over again.

Carefully selecting products is the next step in makeup design process – and it’s all based on what type of character or monster I’m creating.

I have to reveal that everything having to do with makeup is timed and choreographed during changes backstage. “How long would it take you to take your lipstick off, your face makeup off, and your eye makeup off? OK, let’s time it. These are the products you need to take off; these are the products you need to put on – it really is down to a science!

And it’s all of these moving parts combined that tell the story in its entirety – with each makeup look embodying a persona of its own.

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